Quick and Easy Kegging with Speidel Fermenters

As a followup to my last post about the various fermenters I am using, here’s a quick video to show why I like the Speidel fermenters so much. Kegging beer doesn’t get much quicker or easier than this. My process goes something like this.

  • I generally don’t transfer the beer after primary fermentation. I usually let it go for three weeks, dry hop right in the Speidel (if I’m dry hopping) and then cold crash.
  • Before cold crashing, remove the airlock (so it doesn’t suck sanitizer out of the air lock into your beer) and replace it with the orange screw cap that is included with the Speidel tanks. I have read about some people who have had their tanks collapse inward when cold crashing with the cap on, but I’ve never had that problem.
  • After cold crashing, place one end of a length of sanitized tubing on the fermenter’s spout  and the other end at the bottom of a clean and sanitized keg. 3/8″ silicone works nicely. Remove the orange cap, open the spout, and drain the beer into the keg.
  • Seal the keg, purge with CO2, and carbonate.

It doesn’t get much easier.





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