Equipment Preview-Champ Chef Burner


IMG_2238So I finally broke down and bought a new burner for the boil kettle. My relationship with my last burner had become untenable. For starters, It would never burn with the clean, blue flame that you want. Instead I got a tall, yellow flame that never failed to coat the outside of my keggle (and the burner itself) with a thick, black layer of soot. No amount of adjustment to the air damper made any difference and nor did swapping regulators with my other burner.  Then I managed to melt the plastic part that screws onto the propane tank.

I settled on this Camp Chef burner for Sportsman’s Warehouse, which met my two main criteria; It didn’t cost a ton of money ($65.00 at my local store) and its base fit my keggles. Many burners are designed for flat-bottomed pots, so a keggle’s domed bottom and skirt don’t always fit. It passed a quick visual inspection in the store, and once I got it home, I confirmed that the keggle fits on there just fine. As an added bonus, the legs are reversible, so you can take them off, flip them over, and reduce the overall height of the burner for storage.

Once I unpacked and assembled this guy, I hooked it to my propane tank and fired it up just to be sure that it was not a smoky mess like the last burner. I’m happy to report that it produces a tight, blue flame and looks to be a big improvement over the old burner. I let it run until the burnt paint smell subsided so I don’t have to smell that next brew day. I look forward to a full report once I brew my next batch.





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