Recipe-Nearly Noir Saison



I’m a big fan of Saisons, and have been wanting to brew one for a while. Traditionally Saisons are brewed for consumption during the summer months, but I didn’t want to wait that long, so I came up with this recipe for a dark Saison for the winter. Originally, I intended this to be a black Saison, but had to make a few last-minute changes based on ingredient availability and my brewing schedule.

The result is a dark, but not quite black, beer with just a touch of garnet color. Wyeast’s 3711 French Saison yeast gives it a touch of the spicy, Belgian flavor, but overall resulted in a very mild brew despite being over 7% ABV. The dehusked Carafa III and chocolate rye malt add a good bit of color, a bit of flavor, but not a lot of roastiness.

I may make a few small changes, but I’ll definitely brew this one again. Also, as this is the first recipe I’ve posted here, I’m not sure if the recipe format I’ve used here is the best choice and I’m open to suggestions.

Nearly Noir Saison 

78.8% Pilsner Malt
3.9%   Aromatic Malt
2%      Caraaroma
2%      Carafa III Dehusked
1.5%   Chocolate Rye Malt
5.9%   Amber Candi Sugar
5.9%   Turbinado Sugar
26.4 IBU Tettang Hops
Wyeast 3711 French Saison Yeast
OG 1.066
FG 1.007


One thought on “Recipe-Nearly Noir Saison

  1. Have to agree with with Scott that this was a very mild brew given it’s ABV. Most enjoyable and an an excellent first effort at a Saison. I was very sad when you told me the keg was empty…

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