Plate Chiller Upgrade

IMG_2248Having used an immersion chiller for my last 25 batches or so, I’d been perusing plate chillers and whirlpool immersion chillers for a while but had managed to put off purchasing either. Then I happened upon a slightly used Duda Diesel  plate chiller from someone on the Homebrew Talk forum. The price was right, so I jumped on it.

So far, I’ve only used the plate chiller for one five gallon batch and it is much quicker than my immersion chiller. I managed that first batch with some hose barbs and assorted other parts I had on hand, but I’d already seen some slick cam-locks and an inline thermometer over at so that was my next stop. Unsolicited endorsement: Everything I ordered was good quality, priced right, and arrived quickly. They get my seal of approval. Stamp. Stamp. Initial here. Sign there. Done.

My order included the digital thermometer, stainless steel tee and cam-locks for the plate chiller. I also got cam-locks for my hot liquor tank, mash tun, and boil kettle, and vinyl decals for the sight glass on my HLT. Finally, I got ten foot length of Brew Hardware’s nearly clear silicon tubing because you can never have too much silicone tubing around.

IMG_2252It took less than a half hour to set up the plate chiller and all of my brew vessels. I ran several gallons of water through the finished product just to be sure there were no leaks and it seems to be good to go. I’m looking forward to trying it out on my next batch.




9 thoughts on “Plate Chiller Upgrade

  1. Looks great! The one thing I would recommend for anyone doing a similar set-up, if you are gravity feeding your wort you should have the wort enter the bottom and flow upwards. This will ensure the wort fills all of the chiller’s plates, so you don’t lose any efficiency (its less of a concern on the water side, as that typically has a higher flowrate and thus will fill all of the plates no matter what the configuration).

  2. Thanks, Ben. I have the wort output at the bottom thinking I would have less wort loss, but I see your point. I will flip it around before I use it.

    I appreciate your input.

  3. How did you mount your chiller to the brewstand? It looks like it’s floating in the air . . .
    BTW, I have the same chiller and found your post and Ben’s comments helpful.

    • Yes, its mounted to the stand (the bracket is not visible so it does look like its floating.) Glad you found the post helpful. I hope to post another upgrade this weekend.

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