A Little Plate Chiller Tweaking



I recently posted about my Duda Diesel plate chiller assembly after adding some cam locks and some slick digital thermometer fittings from Brewhardware.com. Ben from Duda was kind enough to provide some very helpful advice in the comments of that post.

I had the chiller positioned with the hot wort entering at the top of the chiller and flowing out the bottom. My reasoning being that since we’ve got all this gravity lying around, I might as well make it work for me. I was thinking that I wanted the wort to take the path of least resistance. The problem with this approach is that the top to bottom flow does not allow the chambers within the chiller to be filled completely, resulting in a loss of chilling efficiency.

So I flipped the chiller around as Ben suggested and did a quick test run by heating up a few gallons of water in the boil kettle and running it through the reconfigured chiller. I was able to get the hot water out of the kettle right down the to the same temperature as the water out of the tap in my garage with just a little throttling of the ball valve on the kettle. I didn’t record any data from the last batch I chilled before flipping the chiller around, but the new configuration seems to be considerably more efficient. Now I just need to decide on my next recipe and give it a try.


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