Recipe-Dry Irish Stout


This Dry Irish Stout was one of a trio of beers I brewed for our St. Patrick’s Day party, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. On the bright side, the stout turned out nicely, so here’s the recipe for those who have asked for it.

This recipe sticks very close to both the BJCP style guidelines and Guinness’s example of the style, and while I haven’t done a back-to-back taste test with against the old Vitamin G, this recipe definitely evokes the classic Irish stout.

Dry Irish Stout

70% Pale Malt
20% Flaked Barley
10% Roasted Barley
40 IBU US Northern Brewer Hops
OG 1.040
FG 1.008

I did employ one extra step to get a bit of that Guinness “twang.” After cooling my wort, I reserved two quarts and left it out (covered with a napkin) at room temperature for three days until it soured slightly. Then I boiled it to kill anything that might cause an infection, let it cool to room temperature, and then added it to the fermenter with the rest of the wort.



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